Please allow me to introduce Mystère

In a word, Mystere engineering can best be described as 'minimalist', with some of the finest point-to-point wiring workmanship in the world. Mystère is a division of Durob Audio, producer of high-quality, high-end audio equipment for more than 30 years. Working with components across the spectrum day in and day out led us to adopt an unassailable philosophy: the only acceptable level of quality for the products we produce is the highest quality, regardless of price point.


Of all the integrated amps I've reviewed in the last year,
the Mystere ia21 is my favorite...
Erick Lichte in Stereophile
I can't think of another preamp under $8K that I'd rather live with.
It's that good.
Dick Olsher in The Absolute Sound
Outstanding winner !!! HIGHLY COMMENDED 
Tim Jarman and Paul Miller in Hi-Fi News
This all-valve duo presents a sonic value that is brimming with detail, dynamic contrast, and body and soul... that's territory that's thread only by truly great valve designs
Edgar Kramer in Australian HiFi
The combination of that forward, exciting sound with a wonderfully open midrange is hard to beat
Alan Sircom in Hi-Fi Choice
An amplifier which sets an unsurpassed level of quality when compared to other components in its price range – and a lot higher. Honestly, it is scandalously low-priced and the winners are us, the buyers.
Shimon Buzaglo in Audiophilia

News a great review over ca11 and pa11
Thursday 11th July 2013
"Preisfrage, welches Geheimnis verbigt sich hinter Mystère? Ein französisches Jagdflugzeus aus den 50ern? Eine Show in Las Vegas? Ein französischer Kriminalkommissar? Alles falsch! By Mystère handeltes sich um eine neue Verstärkerlinie des holländischen Vertriebs Durob Audio." Statement: "Die Einstergerelektronik von Mystère bietet bereits alles, was man zum Musikhören braucht. D ...
Interview by René van Es in Munich
Tuesday 18th June 2013
In Munich two audio shows open their doors at the same time. We find the largest one is in the MOC, a much smaller show takes place in the Marriott Hotel about 15 minutes away. For everyone's convenience mini busses take you from one place to the other. Among the sixteen participants in the Marriott Hotel Show we find Ibex Audio, the German distributor of the Durob Audio brand Mystère. I have the pleasure to talk to Nicole Hannig, o ...
Mystère ia11 - "Neue Analogreferenz"
Wednesday 17th April 2013
“Dieses Mal möchten wir unsere Freude über eine neue Auszeichnung teilen, die uns von einer Publikation zuteil wurde, die nicht der "Hifi-Zunft" zuzurechnen ist: der "Kreis-Spiegel" publiziert für Verwaltungen und Ministerien des Landes Baden-Württemberg mit einer Auflage von um die 22.000 Exemplaren.”

“In seiner neuesten Ausgabe 02/2013 wird der Mystère ia11 ...
Ibex teilt ein Mystère ia11 “Feedback” mit uns.
Monday 25th March 2013
Heute möchten wir ein "Feedback" mit Ihnen teilen, das uns, als wir es dieser Tage per Mail erhielten, unmittelbar in unsere eigene Vergangenheit, in unsere Jugend versetzt hat - es ist eine Zeitreise: Der Genuss im Mittelpunkt - nachempfunden allen Wegen, die nach Rom führen, oder wie damals, 1973 nach Neapel. Grossvater lenkte einen VW-Bus samt Bootsanhänger auf denGargano - Italien ...

Integrated Amplifiers


ia11details ia11

There has never been an introductory integrated amplifier with the fit, finish and sound of the Mystère IA11. There, we've said it. At first glance, this stunning amp simply takes your breath away; the proprietary finish resembles something like deep, rich, black glass, although even those words don't do it justice.


ia21details ia21

You've fallen in love with the dazzling appearance and captivating tube sound of Mystère's ia11 but you want a little bit more; more power, more dynamics, more flexibility. Starting with new circuitry that optimizes EL34s or KT88s, the ia21 delivers everything you could want and more.



ca11details ca11

The CA11 preamplifier picks up where the ia11 and ia21 left off. When paired with either the pa11 or pa21 power amp, it produces a sound so beguiling, so emotional, so utterly exquisite, you'll know there's a heaven.

ca21details ca21

Synergy. The whole greater than the sum of its parts. You know it as one plus one equals three. But you've never really heard it. Until now. Introducing the ca21, our flagship preamplifier. It's larger chassis is designed to match aesthetically with the pa21 stereo power amp. And sonically, the combination off the two is otherworldly.

Power Amplifiers


pa11details pa11

The Mystère pa11 is the natural evolution of the critically acclaimed ia11 integrated amplifier. You get the same 40 watts of pure pentode operation and the rich, piano-gloss black finish but with a separate chassis for just the power stage, you can bet we've added a host of upgrades.

pa21details pa21

A final word on the importance of space: the additional room inside our full-sized chassis allowed us to fully rethink our already superlative designs. More space equals less restrictions and the result is truly remarkable, the pa21, our flagship power amplifier.