Our Company

While the brandname Mystère might sound new to you, the company behind it, is NOT. Since 1975 our company Durob Audio in The Netherlands is active in the field of high-quality, high-end audio equipment. Our activities can be found in representing high-end manufacturers in BeNeLux, distributing and servicing their producs to local dealers, offering high-end products at retail in our own high-end oriented retailshops and last but not least designing, manufacturing and distributing our own range of products. Durob Audio is initiator of brands like PrimaLuna, AH!, Cogelco, Kiseki, original PinPoints, Interface Products and now Mystère. The combination of experience from the past, knowledge of the market of today and a select group of designers is bringing exceptional value for money products to distributors, dealers and consumers worldwide.

Our Philosophy

More than 30 years of working almost day in, day out with audio products of highest quality, results in the simple fact that the only quality level accepted is the best possible in whatever price range you can think of. This you will always find back in our products we bring to market, but also in the after sales service which you might need one day. We dare to say our reputation is of the highest and we intend to keep that, even if that is maybe no longer 'modern time philosophy'. We also always try to explore new ideas. We were first (and only?) to fluid-damp (with conductive gel) single strands in our Cogelco cables, came up with Adaptive (this is most important of it) Auto Bias circuits for tube amplifiers, used super polished diamond styli in our Kiseki cartridges from day one and have recently introduced a first (and unique) SuperTubeClock (yes, that's correct a clock with a heart of tube) which can be used in our famous upgradable AH! Njoe Tjoeb cd players and every other cd, dvd, sacd player out in the market. Much can be said about what we did and what our plans are, but in short we will always bring you better and best quality of product and support at whatever pricepoint -from the lowest to the highest-.