I have been looking at tube products for a while, but my dealer tells me that modern solidstate equipment performs as well as tube products, so why choose for this technology?

It's true that tube products go back in time quite a bit, and popularity during time has been up and down. But look around on the web to see how many modern tube products are still made in countries like USA, UK. France, Italy etc. In fact now -I write 2008- tube gear is very, very popular worldwide with people who care for quality music reproduction. Despite the fact that there is also a lot of good solidstate equipment around.

Some people say that tube-equipment is unreliable and more trouble than fun. What's your experience?
There has been quite unreliable tube equipment on the market as well as quite unreliable solidstate equipment. Our experience is that the tube equipment we have brought to market during the last 10 years has been the most reliable equipment we had in our hands during our full business life of over 33 years! Solidstate included. Besides that, lot of people report it's fun to fine tune their tube gear with different kind of new and N.O.S. (New Old Stock) tubes.
Hifi has been a longtime hobby and I have owned a lot of different equipment. Always solidstate. But always thought about how it would be to own a "glowing" warm valve amp. Do you think I can "handle" that without being an engineer?
We think it is easy. Think of a tube amplifier as of a car. You need new tires after some time. And replacing tubes is easier than replacing a tyre. Pull them out, put new ones in. With some amplifiers you have to re-bias. If you are lucky you can do that without a meter and with adjustments from outside the amp. If you are unlucky you have to go inside the amplifier and you have to use a voltmeter. We think THAT is old fashioned and even dangerous. Our amplifiers use our exclusive Adaptive Auto Bias design. Put in the tubes and play!
Durob Audio is also responsible for PrimaLuna amplifiers. Are Mystère amplifiers the same as PrimaLuna, just another cabinet?
We are indeed also responsible for the design and production of our PrimaLuna range of products. And we are proud of that. No, PrimaLuna and Mystère amps are not the same amps. Not the same designs, not the same parts. PrimaLuna is an ultralinear design and Mystère is a penthode design. Both are stretched to give the maximum possible quality, within the budget given. If compared, you can say that the Mystère line has received a bit more attention for the cabinet design and that the parts used are of a slightly better level. Both good reasons for a slightly higher price for the Mystère products.
Do either of the Mystere integrateds or the future pre-amps offer home theater pass through like PrimaLuna Dialogues?
We are thinking to add versions of our products which give up a bit of "audiophilism" for people that really need remote-controls (which is hardly impossible with the volume-control we use now) and of course home-theater pass through. Nothing is under design yet, however.

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