amp a great review over ca11 and pa11

Thursday 11th July 2013
"Preisfrage, welches Geheimnis verbigt sich hinter Mystère? Ein französisches Jagdflugzeus aus den 50ern? Eine Show in Las Vegas? Ein französischer Kriminalkommissar? Alles falsch! By Mystère handeltes sich um eine neue Verstärkerlinie des holländischen Vertriebs Durob Audio." Statement: "Die Einstergerelektronik von Mystère bietet bereits alles, was man zum Musikhören braucht. Dazu tadellose Verarbeitung. Unbedingt zusammen ausprobieren! " Do you want to read more, click here.  
Interview by René van Es in Munich

Tuesday 18th June 2013
In Munich two audio shows open their doors at the same time. We find the largest one is in the MOC, a much smaller show takes place in the Marriott Hotel about 15 minutes away. For everyone's convenience mini busses take you from one place to the other. Among the sixteen participants in the Marriott Hotel Show we find Ibex Audio, the German distributor of the Durob Audio brand Mystère. I have the pleasure to talk to Nicole Hannig, owner of IBEX AUDIO from Heidenheim.   Click here to read the entire interview.

Mystère ia11 - "Neue Analogreferenz"

Wednesday 17th April 2013
“Dieses Mal möchten wir unsere Freude über eine neue Auszeichnung teilen, die uns von einer Publikation zuteil wurde, die nicht der "Hifi-Zunft" zuzurechnen ist: der "Kreis-Spiegel" publiziert für Verwaltungen und Ministerien des Landes Baden-Württemberg mit einer Auflage von um die 22.000 Exemplaren.”

“In seiner neuesten Ausgabe 02/2013 wird der Mystère ia11 in einem sehr fachkundigen und auch optisch sehr liebevoll aufgemachten Artikel ausführlich beschrieben.”

Der Rezensent endet mit den Worten: 

"... und die musikalischen Meriten sind die besten Empfehlungen für den Mystère ia11 und wir freuen uns wie Bolle, dieses Prachtstück von einem Verstärker bis auf Weiteres als Analogreferenz in unserer Redaktion zu haben."

Ibex und Durob Audio sagen 'Herzlichen Dank' für diesen fantastischen Bericht, der auf der IBEX Website zum Download bereit steht.
Ibex teilt ein Mystère ia11 “Feedback” mit uns.

Monday 25th March 2013
Heute möchten wir ein "Feedback" mit Ihnen teilen, das uns, als wir es dieser Tage per Mail erhielten, unmittelbar in unsere eigene Vergangenheit, in unsere Jugend versetzt hat - es ist eine Zeitreise: Der Genuss im Mittelpunkt - nachempfunden allen Wegen, die nach Rom führen, oder wie damals, 1973 nach Neapel. Grossvater lenkte einen VW-Bus samt Bootsanhänger auf denGargano - Italien pur, 1973, 4! Zelte am Campingplatz und für den kleinen Bernardo gab's auch einen Aston Martin DB 5, sein James Bond Lieblingsspielzeugauto, in Real-Size zu bestaunen. (Schrullige Briten at it's best).  Quer durchs Land gings dann nach Neapel, auf den Vesuv, und dann - fast kitschig in der Nachbetrachtung - bei der Abfahrt im Sonnenuntergang fing das Philips-Audioradio Elton John's
"Rocket Man" ein.
Ein Moment, der Duft meiner Jugend, immer abrufbar. Diesem Moment beizustehen, ihn Rom-wise wiedergeben zu können, ist dem Mystere ia11 möglich. Da macht's auch nichts mehr aus, dass der Wein im Glas aus dem Gigondas kommt, und nicht vom Vesuv.

The Prestigious Absolute Sound's Editors' Choice Award for the Mystère ca21

Friday 1st March 2013
The Absolute Sound’s Editors’ Choice Awards has just released its annual Recommended Products list. They present the gear that their editors and writers have selected as most worthy of your consideration. These are the components they themselves would buy—or recommend to friends and family.
The Absolute Sound describes the Mystère ca21 as:
"Built like a tank, the CA21 is a fine example of the minimalist approach: a line preamp with an input selector and a volume control, but no balance control. A giant killer in clarity, soundstage transparency, and detail resolution, its slightly closed-in treble highlights the midrange. Tonally, the center of gravity is the lower midrange, enabling a big-tone portrayal of cello and upright bass."
High End Show Massan at Stockholm

Tuesday 26th February 2013
Some news of Musical Truth. Last weekend's exhibit at High End Show Massan in Stockholm was a real success and Mystère was described as "the most pleasant sound of the show".   A few words from Kristian Hayes: "We were very proud to demonstrate the Mystère ia11 and ca11 with pa21 together with american DC10 Audio and Ukrainian Contrast speakers. Our showroom did not empty all day long and I can say that 7 out of 10 visitors said that they either liked the sound best or that it was the most pleasant sound of the show. What stood out was the warmth and softness of the sound. Next door, there were systems many times the Mystère price, but still our visitors prefered the sound of the EL 34 and they said the sound was more natural."    

The Mystère ia11, and outstanding winner!

Wednesday 6th February 2013
Outstanding Winner. Mystère ia11, again a Mystère winner! In a Hi-Fi News group test, our Mystère ia11 Integrated Amplifier was crowned “Outstanding Winner”. Hi-Fi News’ conclusion: “My pick of the bunch though is the Mystère ia11, which really surprised me with the smoothness and neutrality of its presentation as well as the quality of its finish and the care which has also been taken over styling. Its sound is ideally suited to long term listening, especially if you have a preference for the gentler musical genres. There is plenty of power available which means that you are not restricted to very sensitive loudspeakers, although matching may require some experimentation due to its high output impedance. Only the rather basic facilities let the ia11 down – a recording output (also useful for driving a headphone amplifier) and a remote volume control would make it easier to build a system around; but these are minor considerations when you hear how this amplifier sounds. In my book it’s outstanding. HIGHLY COMMENDED. 
Mystere ma11 and ma21 mono amplifiers introduced during Las Vegas CES 2013

Sunday 6th January 2013
  During Las Vegas CES 2013 our distributor Kevin Deal will introduce 2 new Mystère mono amplifiers, the ma11 and ma21. As you can guess, these are based on our pa11 and pa21 models. There is not a whole lot of news to tell about these models, except that they give double power compared to their stereo versions. The tube sockets are mounted a little lower than in the other models, to give space to the popular Tungsol KT120 tubes. Further specifications, information and pictures will follow as soon as possible. Mystère can be found during the Las Vegas CES 2013 in The Venetian, room 29-316.     

Fantastic review of the ia21 Integrated Amplifier by Image Hifi (Germany)

Friday 4th January 2013
,,... Mein äußeres Erscheinungsbild muss in den letzten Wochen mehr als gelitten haben. Denn an den nötigen Schlaf war selten zu denken. Jede einzelne Nacht mit dem Mystère ia21 wurde genutzt...,, Georg-Cölestin Jatta in Heft 01/2013 Click here to read the complete review.
'Rock und Roll', a great ia11 review of Fidelity magazine

Monday 17th December 2012
What a review!!! According to Christian Bayer, reviewer at Fidelity magazine in Germany, the ia11 Integrated Amplifier is a real Best-Buy.  "Der Mystère ist aus meiner Sicht ein echter Best-Buy, er kann nicht nur rocken, sondern auch rollen." Want to know more, read here the full review.    

Mystère amplifiers and Tungsol KT120 tubes

Tuesday 11th December 2012
For a while we have been reluctant to approve use of Tungsol KT120 tubes in our Mystère amplifiers. After we have been playing for months with all Mystère models equipped with KT120 tubes, we can say it’s official: you CAN use Tungsol KT120 tubes in your Mystère amps. Use the KT88 bias setting. One quick note: The KT120 is about 1/2" taller than a KT88. So you have to keep the tube cage off to use the KT120’s. And let us mention also here our updated use manuals. Check out the manuals as found on this new website, which are marked “Updated Fuse Information Inside” for all Mystère models. 
Ibex audio

Thursday 1st November 2012
Ibex Audio has been working hard in Germany to get Mystère the reputation they feel the brand deserves in Germany. This is a country often driven by other than musical passions in choosing their audio preferences, so believe me it is not always easy to get the attention for the pure musical intentions of an audio product. But … Nicole and Michael Hannig did it. Their first Mystère review by Michael Lang resulted in an “Excellent” conclusion. Hope more German reviews like this one will follow for Mystère.

Michael Lang about the Mystère ia21

Friday 12th October 2012
"... Der Durchgang im Labor war zur Lockerungsübung geraten ..."
"... Großartig, wie präzise der Mystère diese feinen Abstufungen im Charakter der vorgeschalteten Komponenten darstellte und zugleich mit einer ungemeinen Leidenschaft zu Werke ging ..."
"... Höchst erfreulich, wenn sich Erfahrung, Sorgfalt und eine kundenfreundliche Kalkulation so verbinden ..."

Final Conclusion: **** EXCELLENT
Hifi-Tage in Bonn

Friday 5th October 2012
Ibex, our German distributor, participates to the Hifi-Tage in Bonn. Great success and attendance. You can view a short video here

Mystère Sweden

Thursday 4th October 2012
Musical Truth in Sweden becomes Mystère distributor
Mystère in Hungary

Wednesday 1st August 2012
Soundmania is now appointed as Mystère distributor in Hungary.

Mystère in Russia

Friday 1st June 2012
We are pleased to introduce you our new distributor in Russia: Concert ltd Roman Laptev
High End show in Munich

Sunday 1st April 2012
Our new German distributor Ibex Audio displays at the High End show in Munich.

High-Fidelity magazine Greece

Thursday 1st March 2012
High-Fidelity magazine (Greece) reviews the ia21 and dedicates its front cover to Mystère.

Read the review here (PDF)
Dick Olsher on Tubed Gear

Wednesday 20th January 2010
Eventually I made it across the hall to the Mystère room. The star attractions here were the pa21 and ca21. The ca21 ($2195) is a full-sizechassis line preamp featuring tube rectification, DC filament supplies, zero global feedback, a high-quality 24-step volume attenuator, an SRRP gain stage, and a modified White cathode-follower output stage for low output impedance. The pa21 ($2995) is the ca21’s matching amplifier, nominally a 55Wpc KT88-based power amp, although it may be easily switched to EL34 use. The adaptive autobias board allows one to run either tube at its optimal bias level. The front end was the wellknown PrimaLuna Eight CD player and cabling was by DH Labs. What I was absolutely not ready for was the magical coupling between the Mystère gear and the MartinLogan Summit X hybrid ESLs. Every once in a while you run into a match made in heaven— and this was definitely one of them. Fantastic midrange clarity and soundstage transparency to die for. Bass quality and integration were surprisingly good even under show conditions.

Stereophile 2009 CES report show

Tuesday 13th January 2009
Directly across the hall from the PrimaLuna exhibit, I discovered its somewhat more expensive big brother line, Mystere. While PrimaLuna amps operate in triode mode, Mystere gives you the sound of tetrode. These aren't high power babies-the ia11 integrated amp puts out 40Wpc watts and the ia21 integrated amp gives you 50Wpc. The electronics are manufactured with a different partner in China, and are the dream project of their designer. On a modest demo system, I heard the Mystere pa21 power amplifier equipped with KT88s, Concept ca11 preamp, PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight CD player, an ExactPower, and a Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand produce some truly lovely sounds. If I ever end up with higher-sensitivity speakers, I'd love to give one of these babies a try. Jason Victor Serinus
Mystere wins Exceptional Value Award from Tone Audio!

Sunday 28th December 2008
Tone Audio reviewed both the ia11 and ia21. They loved both amps, but the smaller ia11 wins the accolades for its price. Tone Audio is a free online webzine with great reviewers and exceptional content... plus the publisher takes incredible photos of all the gear his webzine reviews.

HI-FI World review [Again?]

Saturday 8th March 2008
According to the contents page on their website the April issue of HI-FI World is having again a Mystère review: MYSTERE ia21 and MOON i-3 RS. Adam Smith pits these two accomplished new integrateds against one another. We do hope to have the review soon ...
HI-FI World review

Wednesday 5th March 2008
In their March 2008 issue, HI-FI World reviews our Mystère IA11 integrated amplifier. Check out their review to read how they get to the conclusion that our IA11 "with lovely midband and treble, this slick, well built amp is an easy listen".

New products on their way

Wednesday 20th February 2008
We just finished the design of 4 new Mystère models! Two preamplifiers and two poweramplifiers. One combination in the 11 range -CA11 and PA11- and one combination in the 21 range CA21 and PA21-. I guess it's time to start thinking of matching sources?
CES response

Monday 14th January 2008
CES 2008 is over and we would like to thank all visitors for passing by our room. Response to our products was great and the luxury of our Mystère products was praised many times. I also want to thank Mr. Kevin Deal (picture) and his team. New in the team is Mr. Dave Hudspeth, Prima Voce's National Sales Manager, of Golden Tube and Sumiko fame, for which he was working before. US dealers can reach Dave by email at or by phone on +1 909/921-8662. Have a look here to see some pictures of our room in The Venetian.


Monday 7th January 2008
Mystère will be exhibiting during Las Vegas 2008 CES in the room of it's distributor Upscale Audio / Prima Voce: The Venetian Hotel, room 29-139. Next to the Mystère brand, Mr. Kevin Deal will show the full PrimaLuna line and the first samples of HeDo, a new line of affordable solidstate audio equipment.
Hifi Choice review

Wednesday 2nd January 2008
Mystère's IA21 has been reviewed in one of UK main hifi magazines, Hifi Choice. If you like to read what others think of us, get yourself a copy of their latest issue. Later on we will provide you with a link to this review. We are proud to say that our IA21 amplifier received Hifi Choice's BEST BUY recommendation!